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JJG 2016 collects essays, jokes, poems & pictures written by Jules Joanne Gleeson across an already infamous year.


This yearbook collects unpublished essays, things previously written for Facebook and Fetlife, unlikely email exchanges, and 12 pairs of photos (2 per month) which capture my first full year living in Vienna. (With trips to Berlin and Dresden also included.) 98 pages.

Topics covered include intersex rights, police violence, the Orlando attacks, critical evaluations of animal liberation and veganism, a comparison of the queer and leather scenes, the history and future of the American pro-life movement, feminist theory, dyphoria, dyspraxia, Hegel, wolf behaviour, lipstick, and cities. There's also an excellent picture of a dog.

The collection has been skillfully prepared and presented by Gabriel Berlin, and would make a perfect Christmas gift for your family's overthinker.

'2016 was the year I first lived out full time as a trans woman, the year I was finally diagnosed with severe depression, and the year I learnt to stop worrying and love phenomenology. It was my third year as a migrant from London to Austria, something I was especially aware of thanks to Brexit. Much of my writing this year has been attempting to make sense of these rapidly shifting conditions (personal and global)

, for my own benefit and discussion with my friends and correspondents.'


Proceeds from this will go to my laser treatment (epilation), which is part of my transition not covered by my self-insurance. (So this is also a unique chance for my enemies to play James Bond villain.)


Buy Now2.22€ EUR or more

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